Can I hear a little more about yourself?
Well, even though it is a bit of a stripper name, my real name is Lacey. I'm twenty-three years old, natural blonde
with blue eyes, I stand at 5'9" (maybe add an inch or two with my big hair!)and I'm originally from Ontario, Canada.
I'm a big fan of exploring and being outdoors I love staying in just as much as going out with friends, I'm not afraid to try
new things and I'm a social butterfly!

What do I get as a member?
Joining will give you instant access to photos and videos which include sexy lingerie, squashing, comparisons,
stuffing, morphs, tight outfits, measuring, tight squeezes and more! That's 4+ updates a month with tons
of extra member content and perks! You'll also gain access to my members only blog area and snapchat
account where you can see and hear all about my day to day, what I'm chowing down on and see exactly
where those newly gained pounds have ended up! Want to chat? We absolutely can, I'll try my best to make
some time for you and answer any questions you may have. Plus as a member
you're able to join in and view me on webcam!

You got a boob job?
Yeah! I sure did, and I'm thrilled with the results! As much as I gained, my boobs pretty much stayed the same
size as everything else grew wider and fatter. But these boobs aren't staying this size, the bigger the
better as I always say! Learn more about my growing chest and see the comparisons in my members only blog

Are you into weight gain?
Well over the last few years I've gained "a few" pounds;) I started gaining at 150lbs, and being 5'9" that's going from
fairly thin to fatty fat, FAT! But this is short and sweet. Join to hear the full story, learn
about my kinks, and see just how I've progressed over the years!

Do you have a wishlist?
I do! It's filled with goodies and other fattening foods that I love to binge on! So think of it as you taking part in my
gain, and feeding me some yummy treats that will hopefully go straight to my ass! No gift goes unnoticed,
if you take the time to be a sweetheart to me, l'll be just as nice back;) Click here for wishlist

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